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Assessment Criteria

  1. Execution
  2. What you have achieved over the weekend. Do you have the right skills base in your team? How can you show that you will work together to become a successful start-up.
  3. Viability
  4. Who is your customer? What is your customer validation evidence? What is your core value proposition? What are your key activities? What are your revenue streams? What is your cost structure? Who/what are your key partners/resources? What are your distribution channels? What is your roll-out strategy?
  5. Innovation
  6. Can you demonstrate what is original and disruptive about your idea? What about your idea will make you the next big thing? How will you hit the 1 million users in 1 year?

Material related to the course will be posted on the Project Pitch Twitter/Facebook page leading up to the event. It is highly recommended that you read posted material and conduct some research to give yourself the best opportunity to win the Project Pitch competition and create yourself a successful business.