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The Australian Collaborative Entrepreneurial Society (ACES) is a student run organisation that provides a platform for rising leaders, successful entrepreneurs and corporate Australia to interconnect.

Their goal is to facilitate personal development and bridge the gap between upcoming leaders and successful members of society through our events. ACESUTS cater for students from across all disciplines, as entrepreneurship is not limited to just one field of study.

ACESUTS work to empower UTS students who have great ideas and ambitions but find that they are unable realise their dreams due to a lack of information or aspiring role models. Through intervarsity connections, they have contacts within the major universities across NSW.

A well established and robust student organisation, ACESUTS is recognised for inspiring events, vast resources and networks which provide students with a global connection to the entrepreneurial world.


AIESEC UTS is a division under AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) which is the world's largest, non-profit, student-run organisation with a global network run by 86,000 students and recent graduates across 113 countries and territories and 1,000,000 alumni worldwide.

For many years, AIESEC has been providing youth with integrated leadership experiences and global internships with businesses and higher educational institutions to help young people to discover and develop their potential. AIESEC encourages leadership opportunities by allowing members to manage all of its operations.

Taking on a leadership role in AIESEC is an unrivalled experience, enabling young people to gain practical and management skills, and the perspective needed to ensure their future success, while contributing to the development of the global community.


The BUiLD Student Society (BSS) is a UTS Union club designed to complement the Beyond UTS: International Leadership Development Program (BUiLD) by offering leadership workshops, regular social events and volunteering opportunities.

The society is a network of over 900 students who partake in the international community development program offered by UTS BUiLD. Through UTS BUiLD the student society BSS has access to a wide network of social entrepreneurs, charities and not-for-profit organisations.

The BSS is a large diverse leadership pool that provides an opportunity for students to engage in youth leadership by providing a platform for growth stemming from learning, experience and relationships.


The Student Success Initiative (SSI) is a student-run organisation with a membership base of over 450 students that aims to advance the personal growth and career development of students across all degree disciplines and universities.

The SSI's goal and vision is to equip each student with the opportunity to successfully pursue their life and career goals. We endeavour to achieve this by providing a platform that fosters practicality, mentorship and connectivity through workshops, site tours, industry panels, networking forums and speaker events.

UTS Business School

UTS Business School is the largest faculty at UTS and one of the largest business schools in Australia, with over 10,000 students, 350 staff and offering over 80 courses.

UTS Business School provides integrative and practice-oriented business education in a leading university of technology. We also conduct innovative and internationally recognised research, engage actively with business and the community and prepare our students, faculty, professional staff and alumni to meet future challenges.

We deliver high quality business education in a broad range of degree programs at undergraduate & postgraduate levels and through our executive development programs.

UTS Business School’s vision is to advance knowledge with impact through integrative thinking for the next generation of leaders in a globalised world.


The UTS BUiLD (Beyond UTS International Leadership Development) program is an exciting and dynamic leadership program, which is open to all UTS students and currently has a membership base of over 2,200 students. BUiLD provides you with a range of opportunities, locally and internationally, which will help you to develop your skills, broaden your horizon and build your leadership potential.

BUiLD takes you beyond your degree, giving you the chance to explore issues of social enterprise, sustainability and social justice. The program will equip you with the skills and tools to kick-start a meaningful career through a range of workshops, seminars, guest lectures, international relations events, networking sessions and overseas opportunities.