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Rules and Regulations

Competition guidelines

  1. All registered participants must sign in and out each day to be eligible.
  2. You must have a current UTS staff and/or student co-founder on your team. They will be required to show their 2016 UTS issued card at the weekend.
  3. You will need a solid business idea to enter the competition, it cannot be a duplicate of an already existing business unless it disrupts it in some way.
  4. All entries will be screened before entry into the weekend competition s confirmed.
  5. Intellectual property (IP) associated with the project will remain with the entered persons.
  6. The competition is open to teams that may rely upon IP owned by third parties, such as patented technology developed by companies or Universities. It is not necessary at the time of entry to have negotiated licenses or other agreements to use these ideas;
  7. Mentors will provide feedback, input and mentoring;
  8. Teams may only submit at maximum two (2) proposals/applications.
  9. The decision of the Judging Panel is final, and no correspondence will be entered into between UTS, ActivateUTS and entrants;
  10. Prize money will be allocated according to the Sunday Judging Panel’s final decision and direction.
  11. To be eligible teams must have:
    1. One current UTS staff and/or student co-founder
    2. Commit to attending each day of the UTS Project Pitch weekend
    3. Have a developed idea which is submitted in advance of the competition and have received an invite to participate
    4. All participants by entering the competition agree to the ethical standards of UTS and acknowledge they must follow the rules and regulations of the University.